Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is current as at 2 June 2016.

This FSG contains information about Our services and charges, Your rights as a client and other insurance matters including how We deal with complaints.

The FSG sets out information designed to assist You to decide whether You wish to use any of Our services. The FSG contains only general information on the services offered.

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is issued by:

Manufactured Homes Insurance Agency (MHIA)
A Division of Argenta Underwriting Asia Pte Ltd
A limited liability company incorporated in Singapore

ARBN 23608570716 AFS Lic # 482725 (MHIA)Reply Paid 3597


If You obtain personal advice, that is advice that takes into account Your particular circumstances, You should generally also receive a Statement of Advice, which sets out the personal advice given to You, including any recommendations about a particular financial product, as well as the basis on which those recommendations are made.

If You do not obtain personal advice, or obtain personal advice that does not contain recommendations about a particular financial product, but You nevertheless proceed to acquire a product, You should still generally receive a Product Disclosure Statement, which contains information about the particular product to enable You to make an informed decision before You acquire the product, including how We handle Your privacy and deal with any complaints.


MHIA is authorised to advise and deal in general insurance to retail and wholesale clients.

MHIA is an insurance underwriting agent and when We provide Our services We act on behalf of the Insurer.

We will only provide You with advice on Our products.

We give general advice only. This means that Our advice will not take into account Your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this, You should, before taking any action to acquire this financial product, consider whether it is appropriate having regard to Your own objectives, financial situation and needs.

You should read the Product Disclosure Statement and consider it before making any decision about whether to acquire this financial product.

Personal advice is financial advice that takes into account Your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. The information in an SOA should be presented clearly and concisely, with enough detail for You to make an informed decision about whether to act on the advice. If You require personal advice, You should talk to an insurance broker.


We are remunerated by means of a commission on the premium You pay. As well as issuing the policy to You, We may also perform other services for Our principals, the Insurers. We design policy wordings, handle market research, supply all advertising and promotion for policies, issue policies, and handle or manage claims. The commission We are paid varies depending on the range of functions We perform for the Insurer. The commission We receive ranges from 0% to 25% of the base premium before government charges. We deduct Our commission when We send Your premium onto the Insurer.

We also charge fees for policy management. Our fees including GST are:
a) Policy Fee (where premium paid annually) $82.50
b) Endorsement Fee $ 5.50 per endorsement
c) Cancellation Fee $22.00for any cancellation part way through the insurance term.

MHIA fees do not form part of the premium and are not refundable. Any quotation We give You will include the relevant fee.

In addition to this We may be entitled to a claims experience profit share from the Insurer. We may also receive indirect benefits such as lunches, tickets to sporting or cultural events, corporate promotional merchandise and the like.

We sometimes appoint Referrers who introduce clients to Us. These Referrers may receive a spotter's fee from Us.

MHIA staff members and Directors are paid salaries and bonuses based on company sales volume. No direct commissions are paid to either.


You can contact Us or provide Us with instructions:
• in person at Unit 19, 1 Reliance Drive, TUGGERAH NSW 2259
• by telephone on Freecall 1800 67 67 00
• by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• in writing to Reply Paid 3597, TUGGERAH NSW 2259


New Business

We will send You the original insurance policy documents. The terms and conditions offered in the insurance documents will be based on the information You have supplied. You have an obligation to check this information and advise Us if any of the information is incorrect. Information that is incorrect could cause the policy to be varied or withdrawn.

Your policy is due for payment at the time it is issued. When You are paying by cheque or by instalments, We will allow a short period of time so that You can make the necessary arrangements.
As these are legal documents, You should keep them in a secure place.


We will give You at least 14 days notice of expiry of any insurance policy that We issued.

At that time We will send You an offer to renew the insurance policy and advise You of the cost of renewal. If You want to change the details of the insurance, contact Us as soon as You receive the renewal offer. If You wish to renew the policy, You must provide Us with instructions to do so and by paying the premium and other charges before the due date.


You should carefully monitor and review that Your insurance policy is adequate. If You want to vary any insurance, e.g. by increasing the amount insured or adding other property, please provide Us with details of the changes You require and any other information We need.

We will affect the variation and provide You with written confirmation. Payment will be required at the time You request the variation.