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Pay for your policy or renewal

We make it easy to stay protected. We provide a variety of ways to pay for your policy or renewal. See below options for paying monthly or annually.


Once-off, quick & easy payment.


The easiest, and most secure way to pay for your policy is online. All you need is your policy reference, and a VISA or Mastercard.

Click to get started.


You can pay your policy via BPAY using internet banking, your banking app, or in-person at your local bank branch (if your bank offers this service). You will need your BPAY reference, which is located in the 'How to pay' section of your Certificate of Insurance.

If you can't find your BPAY details or you've misplaced your Certificate of Insurance, contact us and ask for a copy.


Call us with your policy number (on the front page of your policy document). We accept Visa or Mastercard.


BPAY is an easy and secure way to pay and manage bills from your online banking.


Pay by the month at no extra charge.

Direct Debit

If you would like to setup a direct debit arrangement for a new or existing policy, you can call us, email us, or click the button below. Please make sure to include your new BSB and account number, along with your policy reference number.

Looking to update your exisitng direct debit arrangement with new bank details? Click here instead - Update direct debit details.


PayTo® lets you see and manage your regular payments in the security of your online banking, putting control of your money back in your hands.

PayTo will be available in 2024 - Find out more here