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Making a claim: The MHIA claims process

Never made a claim before? It can be a nerve wracking experience. You can cut down on some of that stress by familiarising yourself with the customer-focused MHIA claims process now, so you can worry about less later.

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Filing an insurance claim can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for any homeowner. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your home and its contents. When something goes wrong, you want to ensure that your insurance company will be there to support you, whether that’s MHIA or any insurance provider. We’ve learned over 30 years of serving our customers that the claims process is vitally important. Making it efficient and customer-friendly is key. So what are some of the steps involved with making a claim at MHIA?

On-site assessments

When you file a home and contents insurance claim with MHIA, the first step in the claims process is generally an assessment. An assessment involves a trained expert visiting your property to inspect the damage or loss and to determine the extent of the repairs or replacements needed. The assessor will take photographs, measurements, and notes about the damage, and they may ask you questions about the incident.

Drone supported assessments

In some cases, MHIA’s experts may use drones with high definition cameras to conduct assessments of your property. Drones can be particularly useful and effective in recording evidence and minimising further damage to the roof from footfall. Drones can capture high-quality images and videos of the damage and all of the experts that use this process are licenced and qualified to use drones for commercial purposes.

Builders & trades

At this stage we will assume your claim has been deemed successful and your home will require repairs. At this point MHIA will work with a builder to obtain a quote for the repairs needed. The builder will provide a detailed quote, which will include the cost of labour, materials, and any other expenses associated with the works involved. MHIA will review the quote to ensure that it is reasonable and covers all of the necessary claimable repairs. MHIA does not work with unsolicited third parties regarding your claim, and we will always notify you of any official tradesperson visiting your home.


In some cases, MHIA may also work with an engineer to assess the damage to your property. An engineer can provide a more detailed analysis of the damage and can help to ensure that the repairs are completed to a high standard. The engineer may also provide advice on how to prevent similar damage from occurring in the future.

Quotes & comparative quotes

Once the builder has provided a quote for the repairs, MHIA will review the quote to ensure that it is reasonable and covers all of the necessary claimable repairs. In some cases, MHIA may also obtain comparative quotes from other builders to ensure that the quote provided is competitive. This helps to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money and that the repairs are completed to a high standard.


One of the most important factors to consider when filing a home and contents insurance claim is the timeframe for the claims process. At MHIA, we understand that you want your claim to be resolved as quickly as possible, which is why we have a dedicated claims team who work to process claims efficiently. The timeframe for your claim will depend on the extent of the damage, complexity of the repairs needed and available trades and materials. However, MHIA aims to resolve claims as quickly as possible, and they will keep you updated throughout the process from beginning to end.

Submitting a claim can feel like an afterthought, especially if your experiencing stress or fatigue after an incident. Our process is designed to be customer-friendly, efficient, and effective. When you file a claim with MHIA, you can expect to receive a thorough assessment of the damage, a detailed quote for the repairs, and regular updates throughout the claims process.

Whether you have suffered damage due to a storm, fire, or other incident, MHIA is there to help you get your home and contents back to their pre-loss condition. Need to make a claim? Call us to speak to one of our claims team members on 1800 67 67 00 or head online to https://mhia.com.au/claims