Unlocking peace of mind: MHIA's comprehensive coverage for holiday cabins, on-site caravans and regular cabins | MHIA Insurance
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Unlocking peace of mind: MHIA's comprehensive coverage for holiday cabins, on-site caravans and regular cabins

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You may be surprised to learn MHIA – best known as a specialist insurer for home owners in land lease communities – covers more manufactured homes than you think!

It’s been four long years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and during that time, many people have changed the way they do things – one is the way they chose to spend their holidays. Throw in a cost of living crisis that continues to cause financial stress and many people are looking for more affordable insurance options.

This has meant more people holidaying locally and a surge in holiday park bookings. Luckily, MHIA land lease insurance caters to a diverse range of dwelling types, ensuring comprehensive cover can be tailored to the specific needs of property owners, whether they’re landlords or tenants.

With people already planning their 2024 holidays, let’s look at the protection we offer for holiday cabins, on-site caravans and regular cabins.

Holiday Cabins

If you own a holiday cabin, you may already be paying home and contents insurance for your usual place of residence. This means you may be looking for a holiday cabin insurance policy that balances affordability and protection for property owners.

MHIA offers a blend of comprehensive coverage for your holiday rental property without straining your budget. Our coverage includes a dual approach, safeguarding the interests of property owners while ensuring tenants are covered in case of damages. Contents cover protects against damages caused by tenants, while building coverage protects against unforeseen events impacting the property. This balance means holiday rental property owners can secure their investments without breaking the bank.

For a more detailed understanding of our cover for holiday cabins, refer to the MHIA Home & Contents Insurance (Defined Events) PDS.

On-site caravans

Hands up if you have fond childhood memories of summer holidays spent in a caravan? Same place every year. Same holiday friends every year. Fun, BBQs, swimming, running amok and having the best time only to collapse into bed each night, happily exhausted.

Then it would come as no surprise to find that, according to this Caravan Industry Association of Australia article, a 2018 RV (Recreational Vehicle) Consumer Report noted that, if you camped as a child, you’re more likely to buy an RV. And a whopping 67% of current RV owners camped in their childhood.

Combine this with the knowledge that an estimated 1 in 13 Australian households has a registered RV and it’s easy to see why holidaying in your caravan remains an Aussie staple.

MHIA, unlike other insurers, recognise the distinctive lifestyle offered by stationary caravans, particularly in holiday park settings. That’s why our approach extends beyond traditional cover. We provide home and contents insurance tailored to the needs of on-site caravan owners because these beloved, low-cost homes deserve specialised protection – and our policies are designed to ensure just that.

Explore more about our on-site caravan insurance in the MHIA Home & Contents Insurance (Defined Events) PDS.

We want to take a very quick moment to note that if your caravan isn’t fully immobilised in one place and can still be moved around on it’s own two wheels then this is not classed as a manufactured home or land lease home. It’s just a regular caravan and there are lots of amazing insurers who can help you with cover for that specific asset.

Regular cabins

For those who choose the tranquillity of a regular cabin as their home, MHIA remains committed to providing the most comprehensive and affordable insurance policy we can. Regardless of the land lease arrangement, we ensure owner-occupiers enjoy the same level of insurance protection as any other land lease or manufactured home. Your cabin, your rules – supported by our reliable coverage. The focus is delivering peace of mind, allowing occupants the opportunity to relish their living choice, without worrying if their insurance meets their ongoing needs.

For more information on our cabin insurance cover, please download the MHIA Home & Contents Insurance (Defined Events) PDS.

How to choose the right insurance

Whether you live in your community full-time or just holiday there, we can help you choose the right policy, which should make getting a home and/or contents insurance quote quick and easy. MHIA offers three options:

Home building insurance

Home insurance is a must-have for any homeowner, regardless of the type of home you live in. Just the same as for any other house or dwelling, land lease or park home insurance covers the structure of your home - including fixtures and fittings - against risks such as fire, theft and storm damage. And depending on the policy, you may also be covered for other structures on your property, like sheds or garages.

Contents only insurance

Contents insurance protects just your personal possessions – furniture, carpets, clothing, etc – against loss or damage. When choosing a contents insurance policy, consider the level of cover you need. Do you live in a caravan or cabin full-time or just during holidays, as this may impact your contents insurance quote and premium.

Whatever your living situation, we recommend estimating the value of your belongings to make sure you have enough cover in the event you need to make a claim.

Combined home and contents insurance

Home and contents insurance covers both the structure of your home and your personal belongings. A combined policy is a convenient option for those wanting both home and contents cover in the one policy and may prove more cost-effective than having separate insurance policies.

For more detailed information, please read our article How to choose the right home insurance for your home, cabin or on-site caravan.

Our commitment goes beyond traditional land lease insurance. We’ve spent 30 years building an understanding around the nuances of your lifestyle and our coverage reflects this understanding. Choosing MHIA isn’t about insurance, it’s about assurance that your holiday haven, on-site caravan or regular cabin is not just a dwelling but a protected retreat because your peace of mind is our priority.